Superman Moving offers a wide variety of services to help ease the stress of moving. We offer customized options for each home or office to ensure that your move is as stress free and cost efficient as possible.

From packing and unpacking, delivery or moving, we will treat your items and furniture with the care we would treat our own.

We are a fully insured and licensed Anchorage moving company.

Packing Services:
Too busy to pack your household items or on a time crunch?

Have awkward shaped items you can’t seem to figure out how to pack into a box?

Are you moving out of Alaska and nervous about damages while your household items are shipped or driven cross-country?

Worried about fragile glass items, valuable art pieces, framed photos, paintings or antiques being damaged on your move?

Leave it to the Superman Packing Professionals!

At rates beginning at $80 per hour with a two hour minimum for a packing professional, you can be assured that your items will be professionally packed, protected and labeled for your move. We use specialized techniques to ensure that valuable items remain safe during all stages of your move and receive appropriate attention. Separating your items into categories is a skill particular to our profession.

We provide a wide array of custom sized moving boxes, tape, tissue and furniture pads upon request at reasonable prices. This can sometimes be one of the hidden, high costs of relocation and we are committed to making your packing and moving services as economical as possible.

Moving Service:

Unlike most moving companies that bill by weight, Superman Moving solely bills on time spent for your move. By eliminating the pressure to cram your items and furniture into a moving truck, our hourly billing allows our moving crew to balance a steady pace while handling your items and furniture with the care it needs. Balancing the demands of moving with the care required to do it safely is a priority for Superman Moving.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

For your convenience, the following rate schedule is for Anchorage wide moving services.

Please note that these are general guidelines and each move request will be personally assessed by our booking agents and managers. Rates are subject to change and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Movers Trucks Rates
2 (1) 16’ Box Truck $120 – $ 160 per hour
3 (1) 22’-24’ Box Truck $140 – $ 180 per hour
4 (2) 22’-24’ Box Truck $180 – $210 per hour
Each Additional Mover: $40/Hr.
Each Additional Truck: $100-$180/Hr.

Allow us to help plan and customize your big move by scheduling an on-site survey and meeting with one of our moving professionals. You can expect to receive a detailed estimate and customized plan for your move 24-48 hours after your survey. Call us at (907) 644-0307 for your FREE ESTIMATE today!
Delivery Services:
Have you recently purchased furniture from a local home furniture store and want it delivered?

Do you have furniture items you need to donate, discard or cosign?

Do you only have 5 or less furniture items needing to be moved from your home?

Leave it to the Superman Delivery Crew!

Let us worry about the hauling and delivery of your furniture or large items. Our delivery rates within Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla and Palmer begin at $80 per hour with a two hour minimum for two professional movers.

Please note that delivery of heavy, overweight items such as pianos, exercise equipment and gun safes require more than two movers and are not subject to this rate.