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Thank you for choosing Superman Moving and Storage for your upcoming move! We all know incidents and accidents occur and we are here to help. In your rate you are automatically covered under our Basic Insurance Coverage. Below you will see the information in regards to our Basic Insurance Coverage.


Basic Coverage

All moves serviced by Superman Moving include basic coverage. All items will be valued at $.60 (sixty cents) per pound, per item, unless greater value declared, requested and paid for via the additional coverage option listed below. All household goods and furniture not properly boxed or wrapped for protection at time of pickup is accepted at risk. All items not packed by Superman Moving is accepted to risk. Superman Moving is not responsible for damages caused by transport of over-sized/over-weight items, laminated, press wood, particleboard furniture, or furniture assembled by persons other than a manufacturer.


Terms and Conditions: Due to Superman Moving’s hourly rate services, (verses per hundred pound), the weight of the damaged/broken goods will be determined by the original manufacturer’s specifications. This insurance only provides $.60 per lb and is not intended to make the consumer whole again.


How do I file a claim?

Superman Moving & Delivery uses a third party vendor CSI to litigate any claims or concerns that may arise from a move. If your items are damaged during a move please call the office within two weeks from your move. A representative will notate your account. Then click the link to begin the claims process.


What will I need to file my claim?

Once a move is completed you will receive an email from Superman Moving and Storage with your Invoice, Estimate, and Bill of Lading. You will need to upload these to the website once you begin the claims process. Your date of move and if the items were consumer or company packed will be asked as well.


What if I want to get full coverage for my household goods?

Here are 3 insurance providers we would like to offer you which provide the option of complete coverage in your move process:

We do not advocate one over the other. We would just like you to be fully informed during your move.

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